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5 Ways On Making Money Online While Staying At Home In Lockdown

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Have you ever imagined a world where you are forced to stay at home?

Have you ever imagined a world where you are forced to stay at home? Have you ever imagined a world where you are forced to stay at home and all the forces are pushing you to watch the news and the TV day in and day out?
Ok. These days are here, but you must stop doing this. Right now. Start a DETOX of watching the news and start focusing on making money online.

It’s always fun to go to a specific destination and not worried about the expenses of the trip or how you’d be missing from work and still making money while traveling. But not for now.

Let’s explore a few ways of making money while we are all in lockdown and to adapt later on the same strategy when we are going to travel again.

Rising of Bitcoin Casinos

The rising of Bitcoin as a replacement of fiat currencies but also as an anonymous payment method, it helps many online casinos to build their operations on top of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

We should all be happy that there are so many ways to make money while we are on the move, especially thanks to the internet.

What if I told you, you can be on vacation relaxing on the beach with your laptop by your side playing online casino games and at the same time you’ll be making money? Insane, right? There are many ways to earn money through the internet doing simple and not tiring things, including playing online games on bitcoin casinos. What’s even better is that all these ways are completely legitimate.
Once the regulation of online gambling cames with KYC (Know your customer) process, all the licensed online casinos need it to comply.

In many regards, this procedure has multiple benefits, especially in the area of making sure that you can withdraw your winnings. In the same way, bitcoin casinos cames with their benefits. Moving your winnings without any fees, anonymity, but also bitcoin casino with no deposit bonuses.

Also countries like the USA and Australia where online casinos are not legalized, US bitcoin casinos are making this option available for all Americans.

What are 5 ways to make money online while staying at home in lockdown?

All our readers can, later on, adapt these ways, while they traveling. They are sorted in order of most to least fruitful.

imagePlay At Crypto Casino

Playing bitcoin casino games from a mobile or a laptop

The most important aspect you should consider before you start playing on bitcoin casinos is to find and install the right Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet for you. They are completely free and secure. We can highly recommend you two Bitcoin wallets (they are multi-cryptocurrency wallets):

The next step is to buy some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It’s simple as Coinbase or Binance makes this process extremely simple.

Transfer your crypto assets to your wallet and you are mostly done.

Go to one of the Bitcoin casinos we recommend on rhoCasino casino review, transfer some of your Bitcoins to the online casino operator, and start playing. Withdraw your winnings back to your Bitcoin wallet.

Many people have disbelief for this way of making money but the truth is winning at bitcoin casino games it’s possible and we have multiple examples here at rhoCasino.

For example, you can find interesting one of our articles about Mega Moolah Jackpot Online Winners, about people who played online casino games, make sports bets, and even try your hand at poker.

All you have to do is join and start playing. One of the aspects of this way that makes it such a good idea is that bitcoin casino games are more secure and easy to play than never before.

Finally, you can use it as a relaxing method after a long day of working remotely and doing Zoom video conferences with your teammates. Just chilling and playing some bitcoin casino games can complete your lockdown day pleasantly.

Voice Acting & Vlogging (Podcasting)

Indeed, the voice acting is not related to online gambling, but these days in lockdown it’s easy to make money by using your voice. Moreover, a professional microphone and a recorder are cheap. If you like movies and have a decent or unique voice you can try doing some voice acting. There is always a demand for voice actors and nowadays you can do it from your computer. You don’t need to go to a studio.

Later on, you can continue doing this from any hotel room while traveling and at the same time record some lines for a voice acting job.

If you have a hobby or a strong opinion on a subject of interest you can also start your podcast or YouTube channel. We guess that you already know about the Joe Rogan exclusive Spotify deal for $100 million.

Blogging and Google Adsense

Working from home in a lockdown situation is not anymore a matter of a small number of employees. But content writing, blogging, or running your own Google Ads campaigns is something you can do either at home or later on traveling. If you had traveled in the past in different and unique places it’s the time now to share your experiences and make some money out of it.

A blog allows them to do this and at the same time makes it possible for anyone interested in such matters to see them. If you have a travel blog and use Google AdSense, you can make money by placing some small ads on your site. This way you can keep doing what you love by researching that area, and later on when the time to travel again we’ll come, you’ll be earning money thanks to these ads.

Essentially you don’t need to actively do something; you just do what you love. This is a very passive but also easy way to profit while seeing the world.

Learning to trade online and start trade cryptocurrencies

If you like to learn new things and gain new skills, now it’s good timing to do this.

Free or paid courses on online platforms like Coursera or Udemy, have good courses on cryptocurrencies trading.

You don’t need to invest too much in trading crypto assets and the only thing you should do at the moment is to learn to trade.

Crypto assets are very volatile which means you can earn quickly but also lose quicker. All you have to do is to start learning and start small. The fees are small and the crypto exchange platforms are plenty.

The only one thing you should do is do not trading more than you afford to lose. This is the case also when you are playing online casino games.

Make money by writing online gambling articles

Similar to blogging you can write reviews about your favorite online casino sites. Real stories and informative posts about different and unique experiences you had while playing at online casinos.

If you love gambling online you should consider sharing your experiences with other players. There’s a lot of demand for unique online gambling content. All you need is proficient knowledge of the English language and a passion for writing.

Also if you type fast it helps maximize your efficiency. Your creativity and online gambling experiences can generate you a great income.


To conclude, you must have already realized that a lot of online services and money-making opportunities are shifting towards the online on this lockdown days. Don’t stop here and continue doing this also when the lockdown is over. At that time just switch the places and start working while traveling.

In recent times online casinos have become increasingly popular. Thus now more than ever there are so many ways to have a source of income while enjoying working from home and later on when all the lockdowns are over you are going to start traveling but still making money online playing at bitcoin casino or all the other ways we described on making money online.

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